Tiago Cruz


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Principles & Values

The Drawing is the graphical expression of an intentionality. Reveals itself as an important tool for (re) cognition of the world around us. Through trace we organize the thinking and we structure our worldview. The act of drawing allows the creating of conditions to face the design process with ability and awareness. Promotes knowledge of the visible world and of our mental images.

The Photography allows us to record the passage of time, setting time, colors and atmospheres. Through photography we are led to question what we see and how we see. It is assumed as a record of architectural work but also as an art form in itself.

Architecture is always a trip - act of sharing, expression, communication.



& Design

«God is in the details» Mies van der Rohe

Architecture is assumed as a founder and privileged act in the adaptation of man to the environment. Its history is as old as the one of man himself on earth.

Each project is a unique and unrepeatable realization. It's a matter of a particular context and is carried out by an individual framed in a particular historical and social contexts. Responds to factors of distinct orders.

Le Corbusier described the architecture as "(...) the wise, correct and magnificent play of volumes disposed under the light." Rafael Moneo, describing the work of spanish architects Mansilla and Tuñón, defined "The architecture as a well thought machine ."

Architecture is, above all, a complex multidisciplinary activity.

I'm from Vila Nova de Gaia. After the passage by the University of Évora, in the year of 2003/2004 I joined FAUP - Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto, in 2004. My dissertation thesis entitled "Regeneration of degraded urban peripheries", was completed in 2010.

My professional career went through Internships in Studio Fuksas,  Rome and for the Archistaff® architects, in Vila Nova de Gaia. I collaborated as an architect in Logoexisto® architecture, design and communication.

Selection of Architectural and Design

works produced in the Academy

and in the Professional Context.

Drawings, models, renders and photos, among others.


For easier researching, the work is divided into sections. To the items mentioned previously, materials done in complementary training actions were added.

I have a broad experience in architecture and project. I collaborated in studios of various dimensions and work edin very different scales. I participated in the elaboration of models and in the project methodology in its different stages: Preliminary Study, Licensing and in the Execution Project.

In 2014 I was co-founder of Vintage Downtown® vintage and author furniture.

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