Tiago Cruz


I'm from Vila Nova de Gaia, where I was born in 1985. Here I concluded my preparatory studies until High Schol. After a passage in the University of Évora in the academic year of 2003/2004, I was admitted in the Faculty of Architecture - University of Porto in 2004.

I finished my studies in 2010, with the following Master's Dissertation: "Urban Regeneration in Degradated Peripheries". It was guided by the architect Luís Pedro Silva.

During my Erasmus Scholarship, I attended a year of architecture in Facoltà d'Architettura dell'Università degli Studi di Roma Tre in 2008/2009. The disciplines were related with the architectural design, restoration, landscaping and urban planning.

From my professional experience are part internships in the studio of the italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas, in Rome and in Archistaff®_arquitectos, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Between November of 2011 and December 2013 I was colaborator in Logoexisto®_architecture, design and comunication. Currently I develop my career as an independent in the field of architecture and interior design.

In January 2014, II founded, with the architect Bárbara Moreira, Vintage Downtown®, dedicated to the vintage and design d'auteur furniture. The showroom is located in Porto.

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