Tiago Cruz


The architecture is characterized by its interdisciplinarity and the congregation of multiple areas of knowledge. In this field are listed some of the works produced in different disciplines: Architectural Project (in the academic and professional contexts), Design, Photography, Drawing and Complementary Training, among others.

The Academic works pass in review the university course at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. The discipline of project allowed us to explore the different fields of activity of the architect. It also explored the course of Erasmus studies at the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre and in the University of Évora. 

In the field of Architecture are listed the main works developed during my professional path. It evidences my Internship in the Studio Fuksas in Rome and in Archistaff_arquitectos, Vila Nova de Gaia. My experience as an architect in Junior LOGOEXISTO in Vila Nova de Gaia completes the scene. All images used are property of their respective studios.


The complementarity between the architecture and the Design is also explored. Here we can see works produced not only in the context of my Internships but also done already in my own professional path.